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Turkey Teeth with Rhona Eskander

18 April, 2024

The incredibly talented Rhona Eskander, is an innovator in the dental industry. Not only is she a highly skilled dentist, but she has also made a name for herself by appearing on numerous popular television shows, and spreading awareness about dental tourism and women in the dentist industry. Throughout her career, Rhona has stayed dedicated to becoming ever more skilled at the work she loves, breaking stereotypical boundaries and helping a lot of people along the way.

Rhona took it upon herself to be a spokeswoman for helping those who have found themselves at the mercy of a viral fashion trend we have all heard of, turkey teeth. Being a dentist for the last 13 years, Rhona has seen her fair share of bad cases, however, she knew she really had to help this one case in particular. A mum of two from Ireland flew to turkey to ‘fix’ her teeth, it was a trip the woman wished she never took.

Picture perfect smile…from hell!

Amanda Turner, 38, from Belfast was posting her journey on her TikTok page from start to finish when her case went viral online for the horrific experience she had. The mum of two was approached by Rhona and her team at Chelsea dental clinic in- London. She consulted Amanda who was going through an unspeakable amount of pain, which upon arriving home, caused horrific and traumatic health issues and Amanda was eventually hospitalized. She had to have a hole cut in her throat just to drain the fluid from her jaw. Rhona and her team underwent 6 root canals and tooth extractions to help save her teeth. They had to fit temporary crowns in the meantime while her mouth tried to heal enough for permanent crowns.

A procedure at this level would have cost Amanda thousands of pounds that she did not have to spend. So out of the kindness of the practice, they charged her for the materials that were used. However some patients who have been at the brunt of failed turkey teeth, and not of received the correct help or aftercare which would of led to a seriously expensive pay out and even worse, long term health issues.`1

Ouch, that’s going to hurt..your pocket!

Without the correct knowledge, patients are left vulnerable and not knowing what is it exactly they should be receiving from the dentist, which can be super damaging for the patient and their overall health. “I was feeling sad about cases I was seeing go wrong and also I had seen a client who had work done in Turkey for 2-3k which was going to cost 60k to fix“. Rhona knew that this wasn’t going to be the only person this had happened too. There are patients out there who really don’t have the support when it comes to understanding what it is exactly what they need when it comes to cosmetic dental work.

I was feeling sad about cases I was seeing go wrong and also I had seen a client who had work done in Turkey for 2-3k which was going to cost 60k to fix

Rhona went to do what she had set out to do, she spoke to multiple magazines, and appeared on numerous television shows to speak about the danger some people may be facing when it comes to getting your teeth done abroad, “People go and think, oh I’m getting a great deal and I’m going to be seen in a short amount of time, why don’t I get this done? says Rhona. She started to see a problem with the way people were approaching their new desire to get new teeth. A trip with some sunshine and a new set of pearly whites…what could go wrong? a lot…clearly!

The real crux of the argument is that I do not agree with crown preparations on unrestored, virgin teeth and I believe the public really don’t know the long term implications. It is within the public interest to protect people who go abroad to understand the long term implications and costs of crowns.