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Enlighten: A Game-Changer For Your Practice

Come and discover the latest whitening system from Enlighten and learn what sets it apart from the rest.

18 April, 2024

Achieving Consistent and Delightful Whitening Results in the world of cosmetic dentistry, patient satisfaction is crucial. It’s important to differentiate between regular teeth whitening treatments and a revolutionary solution that truly delivers. Enlighten Evo4 Whitening stands out as a transformative system that challenges unpredictability in whitening. By recognizing the disappointments patients have faced with different treatments, and over-the-counter products and understanding how Enlighten works, you can elevate your practice and ensure consistently satisfied patients.

The Problem With Conventional Whitening

Many patients have been let down by whitening treatments that didn’t meet their expectations. The mistaken idea that all whitening systems are the same has led to underwhelming results, high sensitivity, and multiple complications.

Over-the-counter options promise quick fixes but often fail to provide the desired changes. The recent trend in purple “colour correcting” toothpaste has disappointed many consumers with results that don’t last more than a few seconds after application. You are probably asking yourself, ‘What makes Enlighten so special?‘, Let us teach you to understand why we stand by our promises to help give long-lasting bright, white smiles to our users.

Enlighten Evo4 Whitening: A Game-Changer

Enlighten Whitening is a groundbreaking solution that redefines teeth whitening. What makes Enlighten different is its comprehensive and results-focused approach. Unlike traditional treatments, Enlighten understands the intricacies of the whitening process and addresses them through a carefully designed three-week plan.

So, What Is Better With Enlighten Teeth Whitening?

The short answer is results.

Enlighten gives deeper, longer lasting more profound, guaranteed Results; lower sensitivity, and fewer complications, like chalkiness, white spots, and opacities. All of this, with no need to change diet or lifestyle. 98% of patients achieve VITA B1 or whiter. 95% of patients get there in 3 weeks.

98% of patients achieve VITA B1 or whiter

Gel formulae are more stable and fresher. Concentrations are accurate and pH is neutral. Trays are tighter fitting and even “click-in” with the use of innovative retention attachments. Desensitizers are external and more effective, however, with all of this, comes a price for the patient.

How Much Does Enlighten Cost To The patient?

In general, dentists do charge a premium for Enlighten Whitening, ranging from £200 to £300 more than standard whitening options. However, this elevated cost is rooted in the comprehensive and advanced nature of the treatment.

Dentists charge for Enlighten £200 – £300 more than standard whitening products

In a market saturated with various whitening alternatives, including over-the-counter products, online solutions and non-dental beautician treatments, Enlighten holds the firm belief that patients who seek the expertise of dental professionals deserve access to cutting-edge technology and a superior level of care. This commitment to excellence ensures that those who opt for Enlighten are receiving state-of-the-art treatment and the potential for truly transformative results.

The Three-Week Journey With Enlighten

Week 1: Condition: NIGHT

Enlighten’s journey begins with the conditioning phase, which recognizes the heightened sensitivity many patients experience at the beginning of the whitening process. In this week, patients use low-concentration gels at night, gently introducing the process while maximizing comfort. By tackling sensitivity from the start, Enlighten creates a positive early whitening experience.

Week 2: Whiten: NIGHT

As patients progress to the second week, sensitivity decreases, allowing us to surge the concentration of the whitening agents, to the lift the chroma. This strategic adjustment ensures effective stain removal without compromising comfort. Week 2 continues with night-time tray wear, enhancing the whitening process.

Week 3: Blast: DAY

The final week, called Blast, takes the Enlighten whitening journey to its peak. Transitioning to daytime tray wear, patients commit just one hour a day to achieve the ultimate aesthetic enhancement. The combination short wear time and accelerated gel breakdown results in a beautifully radiant smile adding vitality to the appearance.  The daytime element also addresses parafunction and bruxism which is the primary cause of failure.

With these simple three stages, your patient will be able to experience an easy at-home whitening treatment with maximum results with 5 rewarding outcomes.

Benefits For Your Practice

  1. Standing Out From the Crowd: Local recognition as a Centre of Excellence for minimally invasive treatment.
  2. Guaranteed Satisfaction: Enlighten’s approach ensures results, minimizing the risk of disappointed patients and maximizing the potential for happy smiles.
  3. Transformational Experience: By offering consistently excellent outcomes, your practice provides a truly transformative experience that stands out from ordinary treatments.
  4. Trust and Referrals: Delivering consistent and impressive results through Enlighten Whitening earns your practice the trust of patients, leading to increased referrals, follow on treatments and a loyal patient base.
  5. Setting New Standards: Embracing Enlighten Whitening shows your commitment to offering cutting-edge, patient-centered treatments that go beyond industry norms.

Whitening is often the first cosmetic treatment a patient will undergo. In a landscape where patient satisfaction and trust are crucial, the choice between regular whitening treatments and the enlightening experience of Enlighten Whitening is clear. By addressing past disappointments and offering a comprehensive, three-week plan that guarantees results and minimizes sensitivity, your practice can usher in a new era of satisfied patients. Elevate your cosmetic dentistry offerings, set new standards, and provide an outstanding whitening experience that leaves a lasting smile on every patient’s face.

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