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All you need to know about the Enlighten system

Your questions about the Enlighten whitening system answered here.

9 October, 2020

Amongst all cosmetic treatments in dentistry, teeth whitening remains the most popular. A common misconception that many share about teeth whitening is that it’s a swift process that can produce life-long results after spending 1 hour in the dental chair. However, the reality of it is that these methods can sometimes prove to be ineffective as patients can get early relapse due to superficial bleaching

More advanced systems tend to take much longer; often 2 to 4 weeks, but produce results you can maintain for a life time with a simple at-home top up regime.

Enlighten is a 2 week treatment (for 95% of patients) and guarantees a B1 shade for 98% of cases. Patients are given a treatment kit to take home and apply for 2 weeks every night, followed by a final visit to the dentist at the end of that period.  

Enlighten home kit

Follow along as we answer our most asked questions about the Enlighten system that patients are eager to know about. 

    1. Do I have to go to a dentist for this?

Yep. Professional whitening systems have to be done under the supervision of a dentist in the UK.

    2.  Can I buy directly from you?

Although that would be great, Enlighten whitening is a treatment, not just a product. That means a dentist is needed to perform the treatment, take your moulds and have your customised whitening trays made. Also, you need a check up before doing the treatment.

Plus UK law prohibits the selling of professional teeth whitening gels directly to the general public because they can only be provided under the supervision of a dentist. But fear not, head to our Find a Dentist section here (find.enlightensmiles.com) and you’ll find an Enlighten dentist a near you.

    3. How long does it take?

15 days in most cases.

But if you have a complex case then it can take up to 8 weeks. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate expectation during your initial appointment. 

    4. How white will my teeth go?

98% of cases reach shade B1 and some even go beyond. This is regardless of your age, diet and current teeth shade. A lot of patients go beyond B1, but we can’t guarantee that. 

    5. If I don’t reach shade B1, what shall I do?

Firstly, get in touch with your dentist and let them know your concerns (because they’ll understand your case better than us) and if they will get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

    6. What is a ‘saturation point’ and what does it mean?

It’s basically the point at which your teeth can’t go any whiter. It varies from person to person and can’t be pinned down to a single shade.

    7. Will my crowns / veneers / composite fillings change colour?

They won’t, sadly. ☹ Only your natural tooth changes colour. For this reason, we recommend that you have your whitening treatment first and then consider to have any cosmetic work done to match up to your newly whitening teeth.

    8. Is it safe?


Unless you’re pregnant or a nursing mum, in that case we would advise you to wait.

    9. Will it hurt?

Honest answer? There will be some sensitivity because of the nature of how teeth are whitened. But we did our best to make sure it’s a rare occurrence and many of our patients experience no sensitivity at all. Some do experience a little sensitivity and around 2% of our patients experience a more intense sensitivity. If you do happen to get any, we promise it will go away once you stop the treatment.

    10. Is it suitable for vegans?


    11. Are your products tested on animals?

Our products are 100% cruelty-free.

    12. How long does it last?

Well, forever really.

All you have to do is keep up with a simple at-home top-up regime. Top up 1 night every 2 months in the first year, 1 night every 3 months in the second year and then 1 night every 6 months from then on.

    13. Do I need to follow a white diet?

Not. At. All.  Who can go without coffee for 2 weeks?

    14. Can I drink red wine/coffee & eat curries, etc.?

Curries, red wine, coffee – you name it, you can have it. And that’s before, during and after treatment. 

And when we say, ‘during treatment’, we mean those 2 weeks of at-home whitening + in-office procedure (but just not whilst the actual trays are in your mouth).

    15. How much is Enlighten whitening?

The price will differ from dentist to dentist and from practice to practice. So, we can’t give you an exact figure, but it tends to be on average between £400-£600 for the complete system (which includes the home & in-office treatment, signature Enlighten trays and toothpastes).

    16. How much is the top-up regime?

This too will differ from dentist to dentist, but the average tends to be between £50-£70 per syringe and should last 12-18 months.

   17. Are there any finance options?

Sure are, a lot of practices now have finance options but make sure to check with your dentist before booking any appointments.

    18. Do I need to keep the gels in the fridge?

Ok, this part is crucial. The gels (the two syringes) must always be kept in the fridge.

Clear syringe-10%Carbamide Peroxide
Blue syringe -16% Carbamide Peroxide

   19 .What happens if I forget to put the gels in the fridge overnight?

Don’t sweat it. If you do happen to accidentally leave your gels out of the fridge for a couple nights, you don’t need to freak out. Refrigerate the gels immediately though, because if they’re out for any longer than 3 nights then you’re going to have to replace the syringe. If that is the case, then call your dentist.

    20. What do I do if I get sensitivity?

There’s a couple things you can try yourself at home; start by trying the desensitising swabs provided in the kit. If you’re not sure how to use them, then give it a click here.

If that doesn’t alleviate the sensitivity much, then put a pea-sized amount of the Tooth Serum in the trays (like you do with the gels) and wear them for about 30 mins at a different time to the whitening.

If you still have sensitivity, then you’ll need to contact your dentist because extreme sensitivity can be caused by an external factor and your dentist is likely to have another treatment option.

    21. When do I use each toothpaste?

Every day.

From 2 weeks before and during the treatment, the Tooth Serum should be used every morning and every night to help with sensitivity and instead of your regular toothpaste. Then once you’ve finished the treatment you switch to using the Evo White toothpaste for the mornings to keep stains away and prolong results and continue using the Tooth Serum at night for micro repair.

The best part is, both toothpastes have all the properties of regular toothpastes on top of their own.


    22. Is there an over the counter (over the counter) alternative?

Nope. Professional teeth whitening is the only thing that will free your teeth from all kinds of stains (intrinsic and extrinsic).

Over the counter whitening products only clean the extrinsic stains off of your teeth or dehydrate them, giving the illusion of whiter teeth.

    23.Does professional whitening affect enamel?

Nope. It’s 100% safe.

    24. Can it damage the teeth if done for longer than 2 weeks?

Not at all. Apart from some sensitivity, no damage can happen (as long as you follow your dentist’s instructions).

    25. How many consecutive nights is it safe to do whitening for?

There isn’t really a time frame preset. After assessing your case your dentist will give you a time frame depending on your case, and as long as you stick to it you’ll be totally fine (and if it makes you feel better some patients with very dark, greyish teeth have been known to whiten up to 6 months at a time).

    26. What is the recommended top-up regime?

1 night every 2 months in your first year, 1 night every 3 months in the second one and then just 1 night every 6 months from then on. 😊

    27. Can I control the shade of my teeth?

Up until B1 (which the shade is we guarantee), you sure can. Once you start the whitening you can do it until you’re happy with the shade or until you reach B1.

Tooth shade guide

    28. I don’t want my teeth to be chalky white, how can I make sure this doesn’t happen?

The beauty of teeth whitening is that your teeth will never look fake. With veneers and crowns they can look unnatural. However, your whitened teeth are still your natural teeth and that’s how they’ll look – natural.

Plus, you can stop the whitening when you’re happy with the shade but bear in mind that during the treatment your teeth can dehydrate and look whiter than they will once they’ve rehydrated a few days later.

    29. I can’t see the dentist the next day after finishing the at-home whitening, what shall I do?

Don’t panic. If this happens to be the case, all you need to do is keep 2 nights worth of gel and do your last two nights before your appointment. Simple.

    30. How do I know the dentist is good at whitening?

Thanks to social media it’s actually pretty easy to figure this one out. 

Head to your chosen dentists Instagram or website and peruse through the cases they’ve posted. It’ll give you a good indication of the kind of results they can achieve.

Our top providers are called ‘Enlighten Regional Centres of Excellence’ and you can request a free consultation from them through our website if there’s a centre around you.

    31. How can I find out where I can get the Enlighten treatment?

All you have to do is click here, type in your postcode and all the closest practices to you that provide Enlighten will show up.

    32. If I have any issues who do I contact?

Speak to your dentist as they should be your first port of call, but if it’s us you want to speak to then send us an email on info@enlightensmiles.com
and we’ll do everything we can to help.


If it’s the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System you want to dig deeper into, then give it a click right here 

And to find an Enlighten whitening expert near you, hit the button below. 


Or if you want to learn more about mini smile makeovers, click here here.


137 Responses

  1. Hi I have last 2 nights left of the 2 week treatment, but I can only see a patch here and there on a couple of teeth and the rest seems unchanged. I wore the trays st night, but I do clench when I sleep and the trays had gone progressively more lose as the nights gone by. I now have my in chair bleaching coming up, but worry it won’t work either because of the loose fitting trays and that I’ve wasted my time and gels for nothing.

    • Good morning Natalie, thanks for your message and we’re truly sorry to hear your treatment has not worked so well.

      In order for us to help with this we will need some more information from you, so please can you send us an email to info@enlightensmiles.com copy-pasting this message there and also include your full name, phone number and dental practice?

      We will try our best to fix this for you.

      Best wishes!

  2. Hi,
    I am nearly at the end of my 2 week treatment.
    I have been experiencing on off shooting pains in my teeth.
    It never lasts long but it is extremely painful.
    Will this stop after the treatment?

    • Hello Chelsea, thank you for getting in touch.

      Yes, the sensitivity will stop within a coupe of days of finishing the treatment, it will not last.

      Hope this helped! Any further questions, please let us know.

    • Hi Chelsea,

      I am having the exact same problem. Whilst I am wearing the trays I get extreme on off shooting pains in a few of my teeth. I am worried that I am damaging the nerve or something and should stop. Are your teeth okay now you have finished the treatment?

      • Hi Lucy, extreme sensitivity is rare but can happen sometimes – it usually happens in people who grind their teeth. Whitening cannot damage the nerve of a tooth but you could take a day off and visit your dentist who can help with further desensitisers.

  3. I have just started using the first week syringe and am only into my second night and the sensitivity is not pleasant l. Am I aloud to skip a night in between whitening to let my teeth settle down?

    Also can you advise me if I’m to wear the serum toothpaste in my trays on the same day of my treatment for 30minutes and can this be straight before I use the next lot of whitening gel ?

    Thanks 😊

    • Hello Debbie, thank you for your message and sorry to hear you are experiencing such high sensitivity.

      Some sensitivity is to be expected with professional teeth whitening, but if it becomes too much to bare, then you can address it. Although it’s not ideal, you can miss a night here and there, but it’s important to consult your dentist before.

      They will know better what your clinical situation is and they are able to advise what the best course of action will be for you.

      Hope this helped!

  4. Hi,

    6 days ago I ve received my whitening kit but I had my gums a bit inflamate so did not started yet. I was just reading the instructions now I have noticed that the kit should be kept in the fridge. If I kept it on the room temperature is it still okay to use it or should I contact my dentist to get an replacement? I am a bit worried now as I am not sure if I can use it or not.
    Also, which toothpaste should be used during the treatment. The white one or the tooth serum.
    Please advise.

    • Hello Cristina,

      Thank you for your message and sorry to hear about this.

      As long as the gels were not in direct sunlight or heat, they should be ok to use, but please make sure to refrigerate immediately.

      The Tooth Serum is the only that must be used during the treatment morning and evening as it is a desensitising toothpaste. The white one only after you finished the treatment as it’s a whitening one and it helps prolong the results.

      Hope this helps! 😊

  5. Hello, I have just finished my two weeks and dentist visit. I have to say that I am completely unsatisfied, there is minimal change if any and I have followed the directions strictly. I am really surprised that this system is so bad for such a price, when it has not worked.

  6. Hi
    I have done my 2 weeks whitening plus the in chair treatment, my teeth are really patchy, with some areas being bright white and some having what would seem like no lightening at all. I have just gotten 2 more weeks of the home treatment, my concern is I am doing something wrong. I have done exactly as instructed, but I have also ready on other sources that you should wait 30-60mins after brushing, that fluoride in the toothpaste forms a barrier that stops the bleach working etc
    Please advise 🙂

    • Hello David, thank you for your message and sorry to hear about this. Firstly, we would like to reassure you that white spots are a relatively common side effect of teeth whitening and they usually blend in within a few days of stopping the treatment. Secondly, fluoride from toothpaste does not affect bleaching results at all, so do not believe you are doing anything wrong. Keep going with the extra 2 weeks and get your dentist to re-asses at the end. Afterwards, if needed, you can use the Tooth Serum to speed up the blending process by using it in the trays for 30 mins (just as you do with the whitening). Lastly, if you or your dentist need any further advice from us, we’re always here to help. Hope this helps! :blush:

  7. Hi,
    I am 5 days into my 2 week whitening and noticed whilst brushing my teeth this morning that quite a few of my teeth have these very faint white lines on them. Almost like they are cracks.
    Is this normal?
    I’m nervous to continue using the gel as don’t want damage my teeth!

    • Hey there, thanks for your message. These are micro cracks, which most people get through normal wear & tear. Professional teeth whitening is completely safe and will not damage your teeth. It is most likely that those cracks have been there for a long time but have not noticed them because of the initial colour your teeth were. If you’re too worried, consult with your dentist but it’s important to know that whitening won’t damage your teeth if done as instructed by a dentist. Best wishes

      • Thank you for quick reply! 🙂
        Is it also normal for your teeth to appear patchy during the whitening process?
        I am on day 6 so still have 8 days to go.
        Will my teeth look better by the end or am I doing something wrong?

        • Sometimes white spots appear and look more pronounced during treatment but will blend in 2 weeks after the end. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi I have the enlighten program at home now that I purchased from my dentist on Tuesday but am terrified to use it.
    I tried to explain to the dentist that I wasn’t keen on the overnight treatments as I’m a bad sleeper and at the moment I’m on high dose amitriptyline which gives me a very dry mouth so I know I won’t be able to get through the night without a drink (which I was told washes the gel away) also I often have to take extra pain relief in the night which again requires a drink to help swallow the tablets. I would much prefer to take this during the early evening before I sleep but was advised this would not work as well as the 8 hour overnight treatments ….please advise

    • Hi Bridget, thanks for you message. Generally night time wear is preferable as both muscle movements and saliva production is lower at night.However many patients are advised to wear them during the day, (particularly those who grind their teeth at night )
      and their results are still pretty good if worn for 3-4 hours awake.

      You can have a drink at night but try to use a straw. Perhaps try one night and decide after that. Please keep your dentist informed of whatever you decide to do.

        • Hello again. No, not stronger gel. You may just need to do it for longer than 2 weeks. Your dentist should advise more regarding this, and they are welcome to get in touch with us if in doubt or if they need more information.

  9. Hi, I’ve been using enlighten for a week and sometimes I forget to rinse my mouth before whitening. Does this effect the treatment greatly?

    • Hi there. No, it shouldn’t have an impact. Just make sure you brush your teeth before using the gels.

  10. I have finished the Enlighten process. The results were great for the time during my treatment and maybe a few days after. Exactly what I wanted.

    However, I gradually noticed my teeth getting less and less brilliant, and more yellow again – similar to my normal colour. I have been brushing my teeth the same, if not more and have been avoiding staining foods (just for my peace of mind). It’s been less than a week since I finished my treatment and my teeth are now VERY patchy and a lot of my teeth have gone back to my original colour.

    What should I do?

    • Hi there,

      So sorry to hear about this. Early relapse can be a sign of superficial bleaching, but it’s hard to say without assessing your teeth. Have you spoken to your dentist about this?

      We would recommend you to go back to speak to your dentist and tell them to take some before and after pictures and email us. We would be happy to advise and help as we can.

      If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

  11. Hi,

    I’ve started the treatment, finished the first syringe and just started the 16% one. But now I’ve had to go into isolation. I’ve then got a holiday booked so won’t be able to see my dentist for another 2wks. Is it OK to leave a gap for that long? Is it OK to leave the syringe opened for that Long? Will this effect the treatment? Many thanks

    • Hey there, keep going with the treatment as normal, but save the last 2 nights worth of whitening to do right before your in-office appointment. That should be fine!

  12. Hello I have just started my whitening and I suffer from tmj so grind my teeth alot at night.

    It’s my first night and I have alot of saliva and I feel like every time I’m pushing down it is seeping out.

    I’m not sure on what to do

    • Hello there, the best thing to do is consult with your dentist and switch to day time whitening. So use the gels during the day for 2-3 hours. Either have an early dinner, brush your teeth and then use the gels, or whatever time is more appropriate for you. Please note that your treatment may end up being longer than 2 weeks in that case.

  13. Hi, my final dentist appointment is two weeks after I finish my course my dentist never mentioned keeping some gel and apply 3 days before appointment. Please can you tell me to I keep back 3 days serum in both syringes or just the green syringe

    • Hi Theresa, thanks for your message. You must only keep 2-3 nights worth from the 16% gel, not from both and do those nights right before your in surgery procedure. Thank you

  14. Hi- bleaching is going well so far! Just a couple of questions-
    I’m starting my second week and I’ve moved on to the green syringe however I still had a little bit of 10% left. Was this right? I still have my dentist appointment scheduled for the end of week 2. I have quite small teeth so I ended up overfilling for the first few nights and it left my gums sore and that’s why I have some left- should I carry on with the 16% and keep the rest of the 10% spare for topping up in the future?

    • Hi Emma, don’t worry too much. Finish up the 10%, then move onto the 16%. You can either finish up the leftover 16% after the in office or keep it for top-ups 😊

      • Hello! Just seen your comment on this and wanted to check as I’ve done the same – I have about 1cm worth of 10% gel left but have moved onto 16% tonight as it’s the 8th night (I’ve been instructed 7 nights of each). Should I go back to 10% then until that’s gone? And do 16% after even though it won’t be an equal amount of time?

        Also, I feel like I’m constantly swallowing quite a bit of minty gel – is that ok?!


        • Hello Laura,

          Thank you for your email.

          You can finish the 10% gel and move onto the 16% afterwards. The reason some people have gel leftover is because people have different sized teeth, so some will use up all the gel, so will have leftovers.

          It’s not about equal times, it’s almost a bonus that you have some leftover, so may as well use it to give your teeth an extra boost of whitening. So finish up the 10% then switch to the 16%.

          It’s ok to swallow little bit of gel that gets mixed up with saliva. As long as you make sure you wipe off the excess gel when you pop the trays in before sleep, you should be fine!

          Hope this helped!

  15. Hi, I was very pleased with the results however, it has only been two weeks and my teeth arent looking as white and seem to be yellowing again, is this normal?

    • Hi Angie, have you spoken to your dentist about this yet? That could be a sign of superficial bleaching. It would be best to contact them so they can measure shade and see what you can do. They can get in touch with us too if they need advice or help 😊

  16. Hi
    I am about to start my overnight trays and I have paid £400 for the at home treatment. I have sensitive teeth and everything I have read advises that I should have some tooth serum included in my pack. Many sites say you should be using this before doing the trays and that you can use this if you are having sensitivity to put into the trays.
    Should I have got this as part of my package?

    • Hi Louise, the full Enlighten treatment does include tooth serum. However dentists are free to use any part of the system they see fit – you can always ask your dentist for the full treatment, however this may cost more.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for your response.

        I am considering getting the chair side treatment after my at home treatment. I have had some issues with sensitivity particularly with my second syringe.

        If I wait a week or so for it to subside before having my chairside appointment, is the chairside appointment likely to cause further sensitivity?

        • Hi Louise,

          The in-office treatment should be done right after the home treatment. (as in the day after)

          For example, if you cannot attend the in-office in the 15th day after finishing the home treatment, you should keep 2-3 nights worth of whitening to do right before the in-chair session.

          It is best not to wait a week, the in-office isn’t known for causing sensitivity. But it would be a good idea to check with your dentist before making any decisions.

          Thank you!

          • Hi Daniel,

            Thank you for coming back to me. I went to the dentist and said this to them and they said I don’t need to keep any of my gel (they have a special enlighten gel they use) and that i should finish up my gel and wait a week or so for my chairside appointment because of the sensitivity.
            I’m a little confused as this contradicts your advice and I don’t want to pay for the in chair appointment if it won’t work as well with a delay?

  17. I did 2 weeks enlighten home treatment followed by in chair treatment with the dentist.The final treatment was only 10 minutes.I have patchy teeth-uneven tooth colour-very white and less white areas.
    What should I do?
    How long should the treatment with the dentist be?

    • Hi Irena, the final treatment usually takes 40 minutes. Patchiness should resolve within a week. Hope that helps.

  18. Hi! Today is day 7 for me but I still have 2 days worth of the white gel. Should I just move on and start the green gel tonight?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey there, finish the white one, and then move onto the green one. Sometimes it happens because different people have different sizes of teeth, so don’t worry too much! Finish it off and then move onto the green one. 🙂

  19. Hi, I have 2 days left of my treatment. Due to finish my last in house treatment this Friday. If I finish on Friday my dentist can’t see me until 11 days later for their final in-house procedure. They have said that is fine and continue my treatment and then come to this appointment…but I have read your advice to keep 2 days back. If I wait from today that means stopping treatment for 10 days before I complete 2 days and then seeing him. Is that too long? Obviously I want to get the best results as it is a big investment.

    Also I was advised to wear the trays for 2.5 hours a day. Should I have been sleeping with them? Thank you.

    • Hello there. Please keep the last 2 days of whitening and do them right before your in-office appointment. Regarding wearing them during the day – we recommend everyone who can to do the treatment during the night to sleep with the trays, but there are cases where doing it during the day is more beneficial for that patient (ie when the patient grinds their teeth at night). It must mean your dentist’s clinical judgement is that you would be better off with the day treatment. Feel free to ask them – they would be happy to explain, we’re sure!

      • Hi,
        I’m on my second week of treatment and I realised I’ve only got 3 days worth of gel left when there should be 4… I think I must have accidentally used two days on the first night of green without realising. Should I just finish the treatment as it is for 3 nights or try and split out what’s left over 4 nights?

        • Hi Tessa, don’t worry too much! Use the gel as normal – enough to cover all teeth, but not too much to have gel coming out of the trays when you pop them on. 😊

  20. Hi
    I was storing the gel in the freezer instead of the fridge for the past 6 weeks. I have been using it for 6 weeks now and I didnt notice any difference. Does freezing it damage the whitening gel? Is there a way to make it work?

    • Hey there, thanks for your message. Sorry, don’t really understand. Have you been storing the gels in the freezer for the past 6 weeks whilst using them? Could you please clarify?

  21. Hi there, I used the trays for the first time last night and I had so much saliva and needed to swallow more than I would normally, is this normal? Although I wiped the top of my gums after putting the trays in, I could taste the gel in my saliva when swallowing. Is this safe to swallow? I’m also worried that if the saliva is getting into my trays that the whitening process won’t work effectively, can you advise please? Thanks

    • Hello Lara, the trays are a foreign object in your body that is why your mouth is producing more saliva. Keep going, your mouth should get used to it. Try loading the trays with less gel and see if that helps too. Yes, it is safe to ingest some of the gel, it won’t cause any damage. Our trays are made at the highest standard and we aim to make them with very tight, sealed margins to avoid gel spillage or saliva ingress.

    • Hi Erin, it’s best to avoid drinking whilst you have the trays in, but if you have to, please make sure to use a straw.

  22. Hi there,

    Am I able to use the swabs on my tooth the next day as I don’t tend to finish all the solution and don’t want to waste it. I am also doing my treatment for 14 days and the pack only comes with 12 swabs. Is it essential I apply this every session as one tooth has gum recession. Please could you advise.


    • Hello there! It is likely that the wet end of the swab may have dried by the following day. Make sure to dry your teeth by sucking air in and wiping them with a dry tissue, rub enough substance on all teeth and then wait a few seconds for it to dry. We did not designed the swabs to be used everyday. Most patients use the swabs in the first few days and find they don’t need them towards the end.

  23. I accidentally got my days mixed up & started the second syringe a day earlier than I should of. I have just used the last of the second syringe tonight. I have an appointment in 2 days time. Should I go back to using the rest of the first syringe for the final night?

  24. I managed to get my fridge settings wrong and have accidentally frozen my food. I haven’t used my enlighten yet but wondering if I’ve ruined it

  25. Hi there,

    I’ve had the trays in for 2 weeks and had the final session in the dentist’s chair three days ago. I’ve now noticed that half of the tooth has whitened whilst the other half is still a darker shade of yellow. Should I use the remaining gel I have left so the whole tooth changes colour? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there Tabitha! Yes, if you’re not entirely happy with the shade, have a chat with your dentist to and see what can be done. You can do extra whitening if needs be, there will be no harm in that. 🙂

  26. Hi,

    I’m currently in my first week of the treatment. I’ve heard that adding milk to coffee can allow you to drink it when whitening teeth. Although my dentist said to avoid coffee would it be okay if I drank latte’s since they’re mostly milk?

    • Hey there, with Enlighten you do not need to alter your diet. Most dentists advise to stay away from colour foods for piece of mind, however we do not believe in white diets. Make sure to keep up the top-up regime afterwards, and anything in moderation should be absolutely fine.

      • Hello! My dentist supplied me with my trays and kit last Friday. However, she also carried out a filling procedure for me the same day! Due to the soreness left by this, I didn’t start my treatment until last night (Wednesday). It was only then that I read the instructions that state the gels should be refrigerated. I did so immediately after using the 10% last night. However, I’m really concerned that, since the box has been sitting in my room for 5 days since leaving the dental practice, that the gels are ruined. My dentist did not tell me the gels must be kept in the fridge and to put them in the fridge straight away. Can you advise, please? I have contacted my dentist also and await her reply. Thank you.

  27. I finished the treatment 2 weeks ago, had an appointment with the dentist straight away but they did no extra treatment. They just checked the color and discharged me. Why didn’t I have the extra treatment and what should it have been?

    • Hi Grace! It is not uncommon for dentists to recommend only the home kit. Some prefer to use just the home part, or it could also be that they concluded that you do not need the in-office procedure. If you have any doubts it is best to speak directly to your dentist and ask – we are sure they would clarify this for you!

  28. Hi guys. Is it best to inject gel into the front of the moulds to focus the whitening effect on the front of the teeth?

  29. If you miss the whitening 3/4 days before the in house treatment because u finished the gels does that impact the effect of the final treatment

    • If your in-office procedure is not in the 15th day, it is best to keep 2-3 nights worth of whitening and do it right before the in-office. Thank you!

    • Hi.
      I’ve just finished my first week on enlighten but aren’t really seeing results.
      In the week I took them out twice in my sleep but re-did the gel and put them back in when I realised. How long should I have trays in in total and what happens if I’m not seeing any difference at the end of the second week?

      • Hi Phoebe! The ideal time for whitening is 8 hours/night so you should aim for that or as close as possible. If you know you cannot tolerate the tray in the mouth and worries you, please have a chat with your dentist about the option of switching to day time whitening instead. this may require you to do it for longer than 2 weeks though. Please do get in touch if you or your dentist need any help or advice.

  30. Hiya, I’m on night 3 of process and feel lots of sensitivey in my teeth. I’ve never had sensitive teeth before, is it normal to feel uncomfortable pain in my gums/teeth

    • Hi Pri, thanks for your message.

      We’re truly sorry to hear that you’re experiencing sensitivity.The most common cause of extreme sensitivity is tooth grinding when you sleep (bruxism) – this is very common when you are going through times of stress, and is often transient too. In a perfectly healthy tooth (with thick & healthy enamel) the whitening gel is absorbed through tiny enamel tubules and the whitening particles whiten the darkened particles of the tooth.

      The only time when sensitivity appears is when the gel easily reaches the dentine (which has a sponge like consistency allowing the gel to be absorbed and reach the nerve). Sensitivity happens when dentine is exposed, and the stimuli reaches the nerve. There are a few things that cause dentine exposure (therefore sensitivity), see if you can identify yourself with: thin enamel, gum recession & other periodontal (gum) disease, cracked teeth, open cavities and worn, eroded or chipped teeth.

      1. Thin enamel – Check for any areas that look yellower or greyer than others. That happens when either the dentine shines through and its colour is yellow, either when the enamel is thin and because its translucent, the light at the back of the mouth shines through. Having thin enamel means that the dentine is closer to the surface, therefore the nerve is closer to the surfaces, which causes slightly higher sensitivity to whitening.

      2. Gum recession & other periodontal (gum) disease – Where the gum covers the tooth there’s no enamel, so once the gum begins to recede (diminish) the dentine is left exposed meaning heightened sensitivity. 

      3. Cracked teeth – The gel penetrates the tooth quicker and harder through cracks, making the pathway to the nerve easier. That results in heightened sensitivity because the gel will come closer to the nerve and cause sensitivity.

      4. Open cavities – The same concept as cracked teeth applies. The gel will penetrate the dentine and reach the pulp cavity, getting close to the nerve and again increasing levels of sensitivity.

      5. Worn, eroded or chipped teeth – When the tips of the teeth are worn or chipped the dentine is exposed, and because the dentine is exposed the gel gets closer to the pulp cavity, resulting in higher sensitivity.

      What we advise you to try is put the Tooth Serum toothpaste in the trays and leave for 30 mins at a different time than whitening, at a minimum of 2-hour difference. This contains a particle that is designed to help with sensitivity. In cases of extreme sensitivity, we advise to contact the dentist, inform them of the situation and at the same time to switch to day-time whitening.

      So use the whitening (the lower concentration 10% CP) for 2-3 hours during the day and depending on the results, it may take longer than 2 weeks (maybe 3 or 4). It is completely safe to do whitening for longer than 2 weeks, so you needn’t worry about long term damage. Also, your gums shouldn’t be hurting so it may be a sign of overloading the trays, so try to put less gel in next time.

      Hope this helped, if there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

    • Hi Ebi, thanks for your message. If you are bleaching your teeth straight after – rinse, if not don’t.

    • Hi, i am on night 4 of my 3 week treatment and i have a couple of questions . is it ok to brush my teeth straight after taking the trays out? I put them in at 9pm and take them out when I get up for work at 3:15am. Is 6 hours a night enough time for the treatment to work effectively?

      • Hi Elliott, thanks for your message. 6-8 hours is the ideal time, so you should be fine. And yes, of course – you can brush your teeth straight away and carry on with your day as normal.

        • Ok thanks . Also Is it normal to be excessively slobbery once the trays are in? I feel like all the gel is leaking out and therefore won’t be working properly .

          • It’s quite normal to salivate a bit more as you have a foreign object in your mouth. But if you think it is too much, maybe have a chat with your dentist. Thank you!

  31. Recently started using enlighten.
    I’m on my third night but every morning when I wake up my trays aren’t in my mouth. I don’t know whether I’m taking them out in my sleep or they’re falling out. Any advise please??

    • Hi there Jakob, thank you for your message. Oh so sorry to hear about this! Please contact your dentist asap and discuss whether day time whitening would be a good option for you instead. Best wishes

  32. Hi there,

    I wasn’t aware of the need to keep the syringes in a fridge and assumed that this would need to be done after they were initially used. Because of appointment rescheduling, whitening was delayed and the whole enlighten pack has been left on the side in the kitchen for 3 weeks. Tonight I started the process but am I wasting my time?

  33. Hi there, I’ve used the evo-white toothpaste and have had no problems with it until now. When I was brushing my teeth the toothpaste somehow has burnt my top lip slightly. I wouldn’t say it is an actual burn but I’m not sure how to describe it as my lip isn’t sore or anything like that, it’s just slightly discoloured, like a little bit white. It has been a few days and it has the whiteness has started went but not as much.

    I’d appreciate any help about this. Thanks.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for your message. We are not aware of this kind of reaction at all. To be on the safe side stop using it and treat it as an allergy. Please contact us at info@enlightensmiles.com so we can advise you further.

  34. hello please help im on my 5th night of whitening im having veneers on the 24th of June so having this first but I have 2 questions I wasn’t Told to put them in the fridge and now I’m panicking also I’m not back at the dentist to start my veneer treatment until the 9th of June so my whitening will be finished long before then my dentist didn’t say anything about an in chair whitening please help im worrying

  35. Hi I finished my treatment September 2020 with good results. For various reasons I haven’t used the top up gels since (7 month gap). My dentist today said this was fine, if I use the gel I bought today it will still work even though I’ve had a 7 month rather than suggested 2 month gap. Is this correct? And how many days should I use it for? Thanks.

    • Hi there Nicky, that is absolutely fine. You can buy a syringe and kick it all off with a two night whitening and then continue with the recommended top-up regime. Don’t worry too much because it’s not set in stone, you’ll be fine despite the gap. A system as Enlighten is designed to provide long lasting results, so 7 months is not a big issue. Also the 2 months top up is only a recommendation but every person is different, top up regime also depends on your teeth and habits. Hope that helps.

    • Hi there June. No, the consensus is that you just spit, no rinse afterwards in order to let the toothpaste’s properties work on your teeth. Hope that helps 🙂

  36. Hi just starting the treatment, can’t believe how much I,m drooling… should this be a concern I’m worried that my saliva will make the treatment less effective?

      • Hallo there

        I have a couple of questions.

        Firstly, I am producing an awful lot of saliva overnight. Apart from being very uncomfortable I am wondering if it affects the end result.

        Secondly, does the part of tooth nearest the gum eventually get whitened as I was not aware this might not happen, so you have half white/half stained tooth?

        Thank you

        • Hi Annie, thanks for your message. If you produce a lot of saliva at night you could try wearing them awake during the day for as many hours as you can. The part nearest the gum changes last – so keep going. Hope that helps! 🙂

  37. My dentist recommended to wear the trays for 2 hours everyday but everywhere I have read it says you need to wear them overnight, can you advise please?

    • Hello there, thanks for your message. When dentists recommend using the product during the day instead of night it’s usually for a reason (most commonly they may have diagnosed you as a bruxist, which means you grind your teeth at night). Bruxist should do the treatment during the day when they are fully aware and not grinding their teeth, but if you want more answers, it’s best to check with your dentist about why were you recommended the day treatment instead. Hope this helped!

  38. Hi. I have finished my whitening treatment which was for 2 weeks, my teeth have not gone lighter. They look the same just the stains have gone but not much change in colour.

    • Hi,

      I’ve just done my 2 weeks treatment and returned to the dentist for my final appointment. The dentist just put another 16% on and left me in a room for 15 mins then came in wiped my teeth and put it on again for another 15 mins. However, I thought the final stage was under a UV/Blue light? Please can you confirm?


      • Hello Jessica, thank you for your message. That sounds right, the dentist is meant to apply the gel twice in the dental chair and let it work. What they use is a different type of gel, 6% hydrogen peroxide – a fast release gel. It is other systems that use the light at the in-chair stage, but since there are no studies to show that they make any difference at all, the Enlighten system does not involve any lights or lasers. We hope that helps.

  39. I missed the crucial info that the syringes should be kept in the fridge!
    Does this degrade the product? The process still seems to have worked, my teeth have lightened, unless I’m a little deluded!
    I also see from comments that the treatment should be done immediately prior to dental treatment. I wasnt made aware of this, my apt to 2 weeks after home treatment.
    I have left over from both syringes- should I repeat process, 2 night clear gel followed by 2 of turquoise gel prior to apt?

  40. Hi – I seem to get extremely thirsty in the night – is it ok to drink water or cordial with the trays in?

    • Hi Clare, thanks for your message. It is best not to drink, but if you must, then make sure to do so through a straw. Hope your whitening is going well! 🙂

  41. I was thinking about going to my dentist for enlighten whitening, but I have weak enamel (which is why my teeth appear yellow). Would whitening weak enamel make my teeth worse? And would it make the translucent tips of my teeth whiter?

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. Whitening doesn’t affect the strength of the enamel.

      it’s difficult to predict exactly what happens to translucent areas for each patient – but Enlighten tends to be the gel that opacifies these areas more often than not. We hope the answer helps!

  42. Hello. I cant bear having anything in my mouth over night. I don’t really like it during the day, but it is bearable.

    My question is, will the treatment be as effective if I use the gel during the day? If so, what would be better, 1 treatment of 6 hours or two treatments of 4 hours per day?


    • Hi, thanks for your message and so sorry to hear you can’t bear the trays in. Doing the treatment during the day for 2-3 hours should be fine enough, but your treatment will have to be longer, most likely 4 weeks. It’s is best to speak to your dentist and discuss the prospect of a long era treatment during daytime. We are happy to discuss this with your dentist if they need our advice. Hope that helps, thanks!

  43. I used your system 10 years ago and my results were amazing. However, the past year or so I’ve noticed my teeth are beginning to darken again and using the gel doesn’t seem to lift as it did before. Am I safe to use the gel for more than one night to try to bring the original white shade back – mine were so white they were off the chart, so when I say dark, they’re no where near their original colour but definitely not B1 +

  44. Hi there,

    I finish my treatment in 3 days time, but I don’t have my dentist appointment until next week. Is this okay?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Please keep those 3 night worth of gel and do them right before going to the dentist. That should be fine. 🙂

  45. I was actually charged £650 for my first whitening round and this did not include a treatment at the dentist afterwards, and was also charged £250 for two top up syringes. It’s a shame that I was charged the maximum if not over the stated amount without really getting what I paid for.

    • So sorry to hear you are not happy with the prices. There isn’t really a maximum, the prices we give are for guidance from what we heard in the past from practices, however what they charge is completely out of our hands unfortunately 😔. Were your results good?

      • The results have been good, but I didn’t go up to the desired shaded hence why I got two top up syringes. For the top up, can I just use the first 10% syringe for 7 days straight, and then leave the stronger syringe to top up in the future? Or do I do the whole two week course agin. Thanks

        • Hi there. It is best to follow the instructions given by the dentist. If you were given two extra syringes, it suggests that they want you to do a further 2 weeks to ensure that a deep-bleaching system is achieved. Good luck!

  46. Hi,

    I finished my whitening at home 10 days ago but due to lockdown it has been hard to get to the dentist for the last treatment, the next appointment is January what shall I do before I go to the dentist and will this long gap affected my treatment?

    • Hi Ashley, hold back 2 nights till just before office appointment. If you don´t have enough gel left ask your dentist to get in touch with us and we can have a chat on how to sort this out for you.

  47. Hi there, quick question. I know I have to wear these overnight but is there minimum amount of hours I should be wearing my trays at night? I only ask as I work shifts and don’t always get a full 8 hours due to my shift pattern.


  48. I am a 73 year old patient of enlightmentsmiles.On the first consultation my dentist could see and was informed that I had very sensitive teeth but I was informed that there would be very little pain.This process was very painful and gave me headaches.I did not complete the whole process as it was far too painful.I did achieve some lightning of the teeth but could have done that with a much cheaper product.This was done over one year ago and my teeth are just the same colour as last year.The dentist should have not taken me on.I feel that 500 was a waste of money which as a pensioner is a great deal..Very disappointed..

    • Hi Jean. So sorry to hear about this, have you spoken to your dentist about these concerns? Extreme sensitivity is quite rare. Have you used the Tooth Serum and the EvoSeal swabs? Have you had Enlighten trays? And were the gels kept in the fridge?

  49. Hi I have completed the course at my dentist, but I’m not sure if I can ever go back to eating ‘coloured’ or spicy food. So worried about ruining my lovely white teeth
    Please advise

    • Hi Irene,

      We understand your concern, once you’ve achieved such lovely results, you don’t want to waste it. But the easiest thing would be to get one syringes per year from your dentist and keep topping up once every couple of months. This should make sure your teeth stay nice and white and you can eat and drink what you like. 🙂

        • Hi! It’s not ideal, but if you need to take a break due to sensitivity, it’s ok to take a night off.

          • Hi, I have just been reading about having to wear the trays before the final in chair appointment. However, I finished my treatment at home 3 nights ago and my dentist didn’t tell me about saving to wear the night before. What happens at the dentist appointment and is this treatment now compromised? Thank you.

          • Hi Victoria, 3 days should be fine, don’t worry. On the day, you must remember to take your whitening trays with you, and the dentist will apply a different type of gel which you will use whilst in the chair for 40 mins in total. It’s 2 x 20 mins sessions. It’s very easy and straightforward. Hope that helps 🙂

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