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All you need to know about the Enlighten system

Your questions about the Enlighten whitening system answered here.

9 October, 2020

Amongst all cosmetic treatments in dentistry, teeth whitening remains the most popular. A common misconception that many share about teeth whitening is that it’s a swift process that can produce life-long results after spending 1 hour in the dental chair. However, the reality of it is that these methods can sometimes prove to be ineffective as patients can get early relapse due to superficial bleaching

More advanced systems tend to take much longer; often 2 to 4 weeks, but produce results you can maintain for a life time with a simple at-home top up regime.

Enlighten is a 2 week treatment (for 95% of patients) and guarantees a B1 shade for 98% of cases. Patients are given a treatment kit to take home and apply for 2 weeks every night, followed by a final visit to the dentist at the end of that period.  

Enlighten home kit

Follow along as we answer our most asked questions about the Enlighten system that patients are eager to know about. 

    1. Do I have to go to a dentist for this?

Yep. Professional whitening systems have to be done under the supervision of a dentist in the UK.

    2.  Can I buy directly from you?

Although that would be great, Enlighten whitening is a treatment, not just a product. That means a dentist is needed to perform the treatment, take your moulds and have your customised whitening trays made. Also, you need a check up before doing the treatment.

Plus UK law prohibits the selling of professional teeth whitening gels directly to the general public because they can only be provided under the supervision of a dentist. But fear not, head to our Find a Dentist section here (find.enlightensmiles.com) and you’ll find an Enlighten dentist a near you.

    3. How long does it take?

15 days in most cases.

But if you have a complex case then it can take up to 8 weeks. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate expectation during your initial appointment. 

    4. How white will my teeth go?

98% of cases reach shade B1 and some even go beyond. This is regardless of your age, diet and current teeth shade. A lot of patients go beyond B1, but we can’t guarantee that. 

    5. If I don’t reach shade B1, what shall I do?

Firstly, get in touch with your dentist and let them know your concerns (because they’ll understand your case better than us) and if they will get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

    6. What is a ‘saturation point’ and what does it mean?

It’s basically the point at which your teeth can’t go any whiter. It varies from person to person and can’t be pinned down to a single shade.

    7. Will my crowns / veneers / composite fillings change colour?

They won’t, sadly. ☹ Only your natural tooth changes colour. For this reason, we recommend that you have your whitening treatment first and then consider to have any cosmetic work done to match up to your newly whitening teeth.

    8. Is it safe?


Unless you’re pregnant or a nursing mum, in that case we would advise you to wait.

    9. Will it hurt?

Honest answer? There will be some sensitivity because of the nature of how teeth are whitened. But we did our best to make sure it’s a rare occurrence and many of our patients experience no sensitivity at all. Some do experience a little sensitivity and around 2% of our patients experience a more intense sensitivity. If you do happen to get any, we promise it will go away once you stop the treatment.

    10. Is it suitable for vegans?


    11. Are your products tested on animals?

Our products are 100% cruelty-free.

    12. How long does it last?

Well, forever really.

All you have to do is keep up with a simple at-home top-up regime. Top up 1 night every 2 months in the first year, 1 night every 3 months in the second year and then 1 night every 6 months from then on.

    13. Do I need to follow a white diet?

Not. At. All.  Who can go without coffee for 2 weeks?

    14. Can I drink red wine/coffee & eat curries, etc.?

Curries, red wine, coffee – you name it, you can have it. And that’s before, during and after treatment. 

And when we say, ‘during treatment’, we mean those 2 weeks of at-home whitening + in-office procedure (but just not whilst the actual trays are in your mouth).

    15. How much is Enlighten whitening?

The price will differ from dentist to dentist and from practice to practice. So, we can’t give you an exact figure, but it tends to be on average between £400-£600 for the complete system (which includes the home & in-office treatment, signature Enlighten trays and toothpastes).

    16. How much is the top-up regime?

This too will differ from dentist to dentist, but the average tends to be between £50-£70 per syringe and should last 12-18 months.

   17. Are there any finance options?

Sure are, a lot of practices now have finance options but make sure to check with your dentist before booking any appointments.

    18. Do I need to keep the gels in the fridge?

Ok, this part is crucial. The gels (the two syringes) must always be kept in the fridge.

Clear syringe-10%Carbamide Peroxide
Blue syringe -16% Carbamide Peroxide

   19 .What happens if I forget to put the gels in the fridge overnight?

Don’t sweat it. If you do happen to accidentally leave your gels out of the fridge for a couple nights, you don’t need to freak out. Refrigerate the gels immediately though, because if they’re out for any longer than 3 nights then you’re going to have to replace the syringe. If that is the case, then call your dentist.

    20. What do I do if I get sensitivity?

There’s a couple things you can try yourself at home; start by trying the desensitising swabs provided in the kit. If you’re not sure how to use them, then give it a click here.

If that doesn’t alleviate the sensitivity much, then put a pea-sized amount of the Tooth Serum in the trays (like you do with the gels) and wear them for about 30 mins at a different time to the whitening.

If you still have sensitivity, then you’ll need to contact your dentist because extreme sensitivity can be caused by an external factor and your dentist is likely to have another treatment option.

    21. When do I use each toothpaste?

Every day.

From 2 weeks before and during the treatment, the Tooth Serum should be used every morning and every night to help with sensitivity and instead of your regular toothpaste. Then once you’ve finished the treatment you switch to using the Evo White toothpaste for the mornings to keep stains away and prolong results and continue using the Tooth Serum at night for micro repair.

The best part is, both toothpastes have all the properties of regular toothpastes on top of their own.


    22. Is there an over the counter (over the counter) alternative?

Nope. Professional teeth whitening is the only thing that will free your teeth from all kinds of stains (intrinsic and extrinsic).

Over the counter whitening products only clean the extrinsic stains off of your teeth or dehydrate them, giving the illusion of whiter teeth.

    23.Does professional whitening affect enamel?

Nope. It’s 100% safe.

    24. Can it damage the teeth if done for longer than 2 weeks?

Not at all. Apart from some sensitivity, no damage can happen (as long as you follow your dentist’s instructions).

    25. How many consecutive nights is it safe to do whitening for?

There isn’t really a time frame preset. After assessing your case your dentist will give you a time frame depending on your case, and as long as you stick to it you’ll be totally fine (and if it makes you feel better some patients with very dark, greyish teeth have been known to whiten up to 6 months at a time).

    26. What is the recommended top-up regime?

1 night every 2 months in your first year, 1 night every 3 months in the second one and then just 1 night every 6 months from then on. 😊

    27. Can I control the shade of my teeth?

Up until B1 (which the shade is we guarantee), you sure can. Once you start the whitening you can do it until you’re happy with the shade or until you reach B1.

Tooth shade guide

    28. I don’t want my teeth to be chalky white, how can I make sure this doesn’t happen?

The beauty of teeth whitening is that your teeth will never look fake. With veneers and crowns they can look unnatural. However, your whitened teeth are still your natural teeth and that’s how they’ll look – natural.

Plus, you can stop the whitening when you’re happy with the shade but bear in mind that during the treatment your teeth can dehydrate and look whiter than they will once they’ve rehydrated a few days later.

    29. I can’t see the dentist the next day after finishing the at-home whitening, what shall I do?

Don’t panic. If this happens to be the case, all you need to do is keep 2 nights worth of gel and do your last two nights before your appointment. Simple.

    30. How do I know the dentist is good at whitening?

Thanks to social media it’s actually pretty easy to figure this one out. 

Head to your chosen dentists Instagram or website and peruse through the cases they’ve posted. It’ll give you a good indication of the kind of results they can achieve.

Our top providers are called ‘Enlighten Regional Centres of Excellence’ and you can request a free consultation from them through our website if there’s a centre around you.

    31. How can I find out where I can get the Enlighten treatment?

All you have to do is click here, type in your postcode and all the closest practices to you that provide Enlighten will show up.

    32. If I have any issues who do I contact?

Speak to your dentist as they should be your first port of call, but if it’s us you want to speak to then send us an email on info@enlightensmiles.com
and we’ll do everything we can to help.


If it’s the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System you want to dig deeper into, then give it a click right here 

And to find an Enlighten whitening expert near you, hit the button below. 


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  1. Hi I have completed the course at my dentist, but I’m not sure if I can ever go back to eating ‘coloured’ or spicy food. So worried about ruining my lovely white teeth
    Please advise

    • Hi Irene,

      We understand your concern, once you’ve achieved such lovely results, you don’t want to waste it. But the easiest thing would be to get one syringes per year from your dentist and keep topping up once every couple of months. This should make sure your teeth stay nice and white and you can eat and drink what you like. 🙂


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