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Is Enlighten right for my patients?

Discover whether Evo4 is the ideal whitening system for your patients with the clinical director of Enlighten, Payman Langroudi.

18 April, 2024

Are you a dental professional already using whitening products in your practice and not seeing amazing results? Let us introduce you to the latest groundbreaking teeth whitening system, Evo4. With Enlighten’s Evo3 already providing dentists with the fastest, most effective and most predictable whitening solution,  Evo4 has taken the next step to promise even more remarkable benefits and results for your patients.

Sound Familiar?

Teeth whitening is characterized by its minimally invasive nature and current popularity as an initial measure in smile makeovers. Nevertheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that the utilization of some whitening products may not leave your patients with the results they were looking for. Does any of the below resonate with you? 

  • You offer whitening to your patients but sometimes get underwhelming results
  • You know there is scope to do more but you are unsure of how to approach the conversation
  • You would love for your team to be on board and talk to patients, but you are not sure how
  • You are not clear on how white teeth will go, how long it will take, how long it will last, how much sensitivity
  • You want your practice to stand out as a centre of excellence for minimally invasive and aesthetic dentistry.

With so many whitening options available, ranging from online to retail, we believe that all patients should have access to the state of the art when enquiring at the dentist, which is why we created Enlighten Whitening.

Introducing Enlighten Evo4

Our latest Evo4 formula is the fastest and most effective yet. With precision-designed custom whitening trays, Evo4 gives VITA B1 results in just three weeks — and long-lasting results without the need of your patient to make any lifestyle compromises. Yes, that does mean that they can still drink coffee and red wine!

Evo4 gives VITA B1 results in just three weeks

Results are groundbreaking

A deeper, longer lasting more beautiful outcome for any patient, irrespective of lifestyle or diet. Sensitivity is reduced, as is chair time. Your patient will complete the whitening treatment all in the comfort of their own home, no follow-up appointment is needed. When it comes to explaining the treatment to the patient, this may be daunting when feeling as though you may not know how to answer every question.

How do I explain it to patients?

Stay calm and remember that even though Enlightens results are remarkable, there’s no need to worry about any drawbacks. This method is incredibly straightforward and can be easily explained to your patient without requiring much effort.

What’s the new protocol?

Condition, whiten, blast! Three weeks at home:

Week one

  • Condition
  • Night.

Week two

  • Whiten
  • Night.

Week three

  • Blast
  • Day – one hour.

The Enlighten whitening pack includes the new Evo4 whitening trays, the Enlighten Serum and Enlighten White toothpaste, desensitiser swabs and even impression materials. Everything you need to get the perfect result every time.

Get me certified (for free)

There are short and long-form training videos and full certification webinars available with clinical and marketing tips. Get the education for free, it takes less than an hour and you become accredited. Click HERE to book a slot and learn everything you need about Enlighten.

What are dentists saying?

Even fresher gels

Our cold fulfillment strategy guarantees that gels go from factory to patient in a fraction of the time, temperature controlled throughout, providing pH-neutral, beautiful results with low sensitivity. New thermally stable and sustainable packaging defines a new standard in the space.

More retentive trays

The renowned Enlighten trays have undergone further enhancements, now incorporating posterior stability as a key feature. Specifically designed for Evo4, these trays facilitate improved retention by accommodating the attachments required for the posterior molars.

This ensures a tighter more comfortable fit for the patients and less movement which means no escaping gel and better results! There has never been a better time to upgrade your whitening service. Click below for more information on our website about the kit and everything Evo4. 


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