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Can I whiten my teeth without going to the dentist? 

An explanation as to why long-term and effective teeth whitening requires dental expertise.

19 April, 2024

There is nothing quite as confusing as looking for a way to whiten your teeth only to be met with a gazillion products that all claim to do the same thing.  Whitening toothpastes? LED whitening kits? Charcoal powder? Whitening pens?! 🤯 And that just covers a handful of the whitening products available in stores.  We haven’t even got to the professional whitening treatments that your dentist offers yet.  

Do any teeth whitening products actually work? 

We logged the man-hours and did the research so you don’t have to. And the answer that we found was actually a pretty simple one; if your teeth are not professionally whitened, they will not stay white.  

If your teeth are not professionally whitened, they will not stay white.

Well, at least not for very long. This is because to successfully whiten our teeth and achieve ever-lasting results (with minimum at-home top-ups of course) we need something called hydrogen peroxide.  And guess how much hydrogen peroxide is in over-the-counter teeth whitening products?  0.1% 🤔 Now you don’t need to be a teeth whitening expert to know that 0.1% isn’t very much. Sure, peroxide sounds scary and kind of like the thing where less could be more. But in reality, 0.1% will not whiten your teeth for the long-term. Or even at all. 🧐 And that isn’t the only factor you should be taking into consideration when looking to whiten your teeth.  

Am I suitable for teeth whitening? 

When you decide you want to whiten your teeth, you have to factor in suitability. You know how everyone’s skin is different? And how just because something works for your friend doesn’t mean it will for you? Well, it’s the same with teeth.  There’s about a dozen reasons why whitening products could potentially not work for you. A few of which are things like gum disease, leaky fillings and thin enamel. But without a dentist there is no way of being sure whether your teeth will successfully whiten 

What does this mean for me? 

It basically means you get what you pay for. If you pay for an over-the-counter whitening product then that is exactly what you’ll get. But if you want guaranteed results that are long-lasting, you will have to get it done by a dentist.  

If you want guaranteed results that are long-lasting, you will have to get it done by a dentist.  

Because not only do they use the strongest and safest products, they also assess your suitability, talk through your concerns (if any), help you achieve and maintain good oral health and guarantee results before any treatments.  

However, that doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the dentist’s chair, it just means you need to find a brand you trust.  

How do I know which brand is right for me? 

This is a very personal decision and not one we can make for you. But we can tell you what we do in order to try and be the best we can be.  

We train all of our users so that they’re not just dentists providing a treatment, they’re Enlighten whitening experts.  Apart from investing in their training, we offer a customer service that goes beyond the dentist and extends to you. Plus, we guarantee you’ll get reach the whitest natural shade no matter the original colour of your teeth (if you’re deemed suitable for whitening by your dentist).   

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