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Is a Hollywood smile realistic?

Hollywood smiles. We all see them. We all want them. But are they even achievable? Dr Khusal Morar & Dr Andrew Lyons have the answers.

19 April, 2024
19 April, 2024

Hollywood smiles. We see them. We hear about them. We want them. But the idea of a Hollywood smile has become so synonymous with veneer like looking teeth that it begs the question is a minimally invasive Hollywood smile even achievable?

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Andrew: Is the Hollywood smile is really achievable? What do you think, Kush?

Kush: I think it is achievable. But it, of course, depends on what the patient wants. And you have to be realistic with your patients too. You have to assess them, their occlusion, see if they’re tooth position makes it possible for what they want to achieve and then you have to find out exactly what their idea of a Hollywood smile is.

Andrew: Do you think it’s achievable for absolutely everyone?

Kush: Well, I think anything is achievable but again it depends on what treatments are required to get them to that Hollywood smile because it will be different for everyone.

Andrew: I definitely agree with you on that. I think for any patient, you can get a really good result and aesthetic looking teeth in one way or another. It just depends on how far you want to take things. A lot of people may not even be comfortable pushing things that far. It’s all starts with finding a clinician you’re truly confident in and who will explain things well so you can work with them from where you are now to where you want to be.

Kush: That’s a good point. I think having confidence in your clinician is a huge factor because you want someone you know will get you the result you want.

Having confidence in your clinician is a huge factor because you want someone you know will get you the result you want

For me, a Hollywood smile is where teeth pretty much look perfect, bright white and perfectly aligned but it’s different for everyone.  And I think that’s achievable for everyone. It does just depend on how far you want to go. For example, some people may need minimal veneers or no-prep veneers whereas some might need orthodontic work and not everyone is comfortable with that kind of thing.

Andrew: And for some people, it could even be a case of if they have no teeth but they need to have something put in, something like implants.

Kush: So, some people think that Hollywood smiles aren’t natural. What do you think about that?

Andrew: I do agree to a certain extent but if we think about what people want to see when they look at someone’s smile, it is the straight white teeth. And although we may look at them and think ‘they look a little unnatural’, it is actually what people want to see in a smile anyway. That’s why it looks good. Because it’s what we want, it’s aesthetically pleasing and it’s what people think teeth are supposed to look like.

Kush: That’s true. I also think a massive contributor is the type of technician you have. Your teeth can be very white and super bright but as long as they’re shaped in an anatomically correct way, they won’t look fake at all. So, I do think that’s key.

Andrew: Yes. The reason I think that when they do look natural sometimes is just because you see some people that have had absolutely nothing done to the teeth and they are perfect. Super immaculate, really well-shaped and positioned. They look like they’ve had a lot of work done but it’s just natural.

And if you were a normal person on the street, why would they think that they’ve had work done? As dentists, we’re always looking at these kinds of things but for someone who isn’t a dentist, they’ll just see straight white teeth. We look at teeth and assess.

Kush: Because that’s our job.

Andrew: Yes, and that’s all we’re thinking about when someone smiles but when people see a nice smile, they just think ‘they’ve got a nice smile’.
If someone says ‘oh I’ve had my teeth straightened’ then, of course, you’ll know. But if they don’t, no one will be any the wiser.

Kush: And that’s what patients would want though, isn’t it? To be able to achieve the look they want but for it to also look natural.

Andrew: Yes. It’s just about doing what you want so you can increase your confidence

Kush: To feel better about yourself.

I think for any patient, you can get a really good result and aesthetic looking teeth in one way or another

Andrew: It’s just the same as dressing well, wearing makeup, it’s the same as making sure you stay on top of your hygiene and it’s the same doing what you can to have good skin.

In today’s society, when everything is so driven by your image, people make split-second decisions on what you’re like from just the way you look. Then it always becomes really important to put your best foot forward.

Kush: I totally agree with that, if that’s the one thing that really bothers you and you want a Hollywood smile because it will give you the confidence back then I think you should go for it.

Andrew: I can’t remember where I heard it, it was on the radio a few weeks ago I think, and the converstation was surrounding how their smile is the third biggest thing people are anxious about. The top two being loving relationships and finances.

Kush: It just goes to show what a big thing it is in so many people’s lives.

Andrew: If someone chooses to go down the line of trying to achieve a Hollywood smile, it may well open all kinds of doors for them. And not just in terms of personal relationships, it could be the reason you get more job opportunities especially if you work in a client-facing industry. It can never hurt.

Kush: Yes, you’re just working toward improving appearance through a Hollywood smile or what your interpretation of a Hollywood smile is.

And to be able to be happy and confident with smiling, it can really change your world.



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